An Industrial IoT Platform (IIoT Platform) connects and aggregates the real-time data from the connected sensors, actuators, devices, hardware and software components to people ad processes to enable digital transformation. Using Industrial IoT platform, industry connects, monitors, analyzes and acts on industrial data to take informed decisions and improve the operations. In short IIoT Platform is a scalable suit for improving connectivity, control and data analysis in the industrial environment.

ADVAIT, as an IIoT Platform, is an Automation and Industrials Software Suite. It is a comprehensive solution for the digitalization of industrial operations. It is a complete suite that allows the user to have Digitization of the plant floor as well as Digitalization seamlessly i.e. capturing insights from your machine assets, people and operations. This is the prerequisite step for your Digital Transformation journey.

ADVAIT provides various tools and features for capturing insights from operations, including real-time data collection, data analysis, and visualization. The platform is capable of integrating with various machine assets to collect and analyze data. This data can then be used to monitor machine performance, identify inefficiencies, and optimize operations. ADVAIT is a powerful solution for digitizing industrial operations and capturing valuable insights from the operations. By providing real-time monitoring, analysis, and visualization of machine assets, people, and operations, ADVAIT helps organizations to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve overall performance.

One Platform
Many Solutions

ADVAIT’s unified platform with multiple fully-integrated features enables quick and cost-effective solution creation. This can easily be deployed by simple activations of one or multiple standard feature combinations.

Out-of-the Box

ADVAIT provides a comprehensive solution for industrial automation that seamlessly integrates production floor and business requirements. This enables smooth exchange of information between OT and IT, ensuring efficient and effective operations.

ADVAIT- Automation and Industrial Software Suite


Built-in code-free tools for configuration and customization making deployment of the requirement easy and quick.
Easy APIs available for external interfaces.


From pilot to fully grown system.
From small automation tasks to complete digital transformation.
Modular design with service oriented architecture.

predictive maintenance

Integrate existing fragmented disparate system infrastructures like CNC/PLC/Controllers/Sensors, SCADA, IoT Platforms, MES, MOM, MRP, ERP etc.


Out-of-the-box functionality for key solutions: OEE, Quality 4.0, EMS, EHS4.0, Reports, Analytics, CMMS, PdM and more.

ADVAIT empowers users to build customized solutions for their pilot projects and easily scale them up in the future as full-fledged solutions, using its Zero Code configuration feature. The flexibility provided by ADVAIT's modules allows users to tailor their solutions to their specific needs, without requiring any programming knowledge.

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